Michelle’s Sanctuary

Dream Away: Meditations, Empowerment, and Manifesting Your Destiny

Holiday Feels: Memorable Acts of Kindness and 5-Minute Meditation

The holidays amplify all our emotions from joy to nostalgia to grief to longing. In this season of giving, these stories submitted by listeners cover memorable acts of kindness with a five-minute meditation to help you focus on the energy of kindness, gratitude, and joy.

Podcast 3 Meditation: Anxiety Management

Drawing on being in the present moment, visualization, breath and counting, this meditation will help with repeated listening to help instill a sense of calm when anxiety is running high. 


“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.” - Wayne Dyer

Podcast 2 Meditation: Feeling Grateful for Everything

A 5-minute follow up and meditation that focuses on this week's theme of finding thankfulness for everything. The easy stuff and the hard stuff. For the redirection our life may take to redefine our life's purpose and enabling ourselves to feel gratitude and empowered by changing what we can and changing our attitude about what we cannot.

Podcast 2: Gratitude for the Hard Stuff

It's easy to feel thankful when a surprise flow of cash comes your way or a great life event occurs or you find yourself on a dream vacation. But what about finding thanks in the hard stuff? The things that take a little practice in recognizing as blessings. This podcast follows through with discussing moments and obstacles in life that may give us the greatest redirection in purpose and gratitude for being alive. 

Podcast 1 Meditation: Breath and Spirit

Following up on this week's conversation imagining your breath is your spirit, you may take 5 minutes just for yourself to unwind and connect to your breath, personifying it as you feel empowered and in control. This meditation is best listened to in a quiet, safe, place where you may listen without interruption. Do not listen to this when you are driving.


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